Things Change

When you were younger, you always heard your parents talk about “how things change” as you get older. People change, friends move away, people pass away. While you completely believe what they are telling you, you don’t really understand the intensity of it until you are in their shoes. Between death and honestly just lifeContinue reading “Things Change”

Happy Heavenly Birthday, Dad

Today my dad would have turned 60! The big 6-0! While he is not here on this earth with us anymore, my family and I knew that we still needed to celebrate such a big birthday. We couldn’t decide exactly what to do since it fell in the middle of the work week, and obviouslyContinue reading “Happy Heavenly Birthday, Dad”

Season Changes And The Affect It Has On Us Mentally

I have always loved fall. It has always been my favorite time of the year. The chilly sweater weather, the beautiful colors, pumpkins, apple cider. All of it. I feel myself this time of year. When the chilly mornings start coming back around, I get so excited. Who doesn’t love bundling up in a big,Continue reading “Season Changes And The Affect It Has On Us Mentally”

What Made Me Who I Am Today

*Trigger Warning* BUCKLE UP I was born in New York. For the first few years of my life, we lived in a neighborhood across the street from Lake Erie, just south of Buffalo. My parents were very close with the neighbors across the street from us, and my brother and sister became very close withContinue reading “What Made Me Who I Am Today”