My Son Started Pre-K

Hello all of you wonderful people. I know that I have been gone for a while now. I have been working on several different things lately so time has kind of gotten away from me. BUT. Life has been very good. Lots of changes, but good changes.

I have been trying to keep up with my Tattoos and Toddlers pages (although I know that I have been slacking on writing). I have also kept up with my macrame, and with that I have added opening up an Etsy shop too. And of course on top of all of that, I am still staying home with my kiddos. Which, being a stay at home mom doesn’t sounds like a lot, but trust me. Some days are a struggle. While I am on these topics, before I move on, I wanted to let everyone know that I do have a Tattoos and Toddlers page on Facebook and Instagram. If anyone has any interest in checking out my macrame, my Etsy shop name is ALittleKnottyCo.

Now, moving on to what I really want to talk about! My oldest son started Pre-K a few weeks ago. I knew it was going to be hard, but oh my was it extremely hard. I was so excited for him because I knew that he was going to have a lot of fun and meet a lot of new friends. He has the type of personality where he can get along with everyone. He is definitely a social butterfly. But of course I am used to having him home with me now. I have been a stay at home mom for a little over a year now and I have gotten used to him always being here with me. I knew the closer the time got to his first day of school was going to be hard, but luckily I was so busy, I didn’t really have time to think about it.

My husband decided to take the day off from work for the first day of school. I had a friend come and stay with my youngest son, and my husband and I both took our oldest to school together. It started out super exciting. We all woke up in a good mood that morning, ready to go. My son was SO excited the whole way to school. But then we got to his school, and got him out of the car. His energy started to slow down a little as we walked closer and closer to the school. By the time we got to his classroom, reality set in and then it happened. He cried. And then of course I cried. We all cried. Even though we all knew he was going to be perfectly fine, it was so hard to leave him. I wanted to hold him and tell him that it was going to be okay, but I also knew that I had to leave, or it would only get worse. We gave him a hug, told him that we loved him, and unfortunately had to run out of the classroom. We just had to rip the Band-Aid off.

My husband and I had to suck up our tears and move on. We walked back to the car and headed home. I think I ended up crying even harder on the way home. All I can remember was saying “Why is this so hard?!” Lol. And it sounds so ridiculous typing this right now, because obviously he was going to be okay. But he is my baby. He is the one that made me a mommy and I realized that he is growing up. Just extremely emotional.

The kiddos only went to school for a few hours that day, so luckily we didn’t have to wait too long to head back to pick him up. When we got to the door, he was so excited to see us. He was in such a great mood and had so much to tell us about his day. It immediately made me feel so much better.

We also attended his school’s “Back to School Open House” a couple of weeks ago. We got to spend some time talking to his teacher and it warmed my heart to hear all of the great things that she had to say about him. It also took me by surprise when she told us that out of 20 kids, our son is the most mature. I mean, we knew that he was intelligent, and we have always felt like he acted more like an adult than other kids, but I never expected it to be on that level. My husband and I have never really “babied” our kids and I do feel like that has made a positive impact on his learning process.

Every day I drop him off and he runs right up in that classroom. I am so incredibly proud of him. It is tough being a parent and having to realize that your kids are going to continue to grow, and they are going to continue to go through the same milestones that you did. But, it is also so much fun watching them grow. I enjoy every single minute of it. It is the best feeling watching your little ones grow and learn new things every day. There are often days where I question if I am enough for my children, and just seeing my oldest son do so well these last few weeks has really reassured me that I am in fact enough.

Enjoy some adorable pictures of his first couple of days at Pre-K, and I promise to be back real, real soon.

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