Crockpot Chicken Noodle Soup

Another one of my favorite crockpot recipes. My mom always made home made chicken noodle soup when I was growing up.

This recipe is super easy! You literally cannot mess this up!

I always use bouillon cubes for my broth, never cartons of chicken stock. I’m not sure why, but I don’t feel like the chicken stock gives it the same, home made taste.

I don’t put a ton of chicken and vegetables in mine, only because I love noodles and prefer to eat more of that than anything. My recipe is based off of that fact, so you can always add more if you prefer a chunkier soup.


Bouillon Cubes- 1 cube for every cup of water

1 Chicken Breast (more if desired)

1 Large Carrot (more if desired)

1 Celery Stalk (more if desired)

1 Bag of Egg Noddles

Make It:

Start by boiling 1 chicken breast.

While your chicken is boiling, you can start

on everything else.

Since every crockpot is different, I don’t really have a specific number of cups of water that you will need. I always measure out a cup at a time and pour it in until it is about 3/4 of the way full.

You are then going to drop in your Bouillon


Use a peeler to peel the outside of your carrot, and then cut it into thin slices. Drop your slices in.

Cut your celery pretty thin also, and drop it


Once your chicken is done, shred it into small pieces. I usually just start tearing pieces off of it so that I still have some good size chunks of chicken.

We used to go ahead and put the noodles in with everything else, but by the time we were ready to eat, the noodles were falling apart. So I usually wait until about half an hour to an hour before we eat to add them to the broth. If this isn’t a possibility, you can always cook the noodles separate when you are almost ready to eat.

*Side note, I hate celery, so I usually skip it these days, and it still tastes great.*

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