My Tattoos

I have realized that I have done a lot of random rambling and not so much of anything about myself, and why I decided to name my blog (with the help of my friend) “Tattoos And Toddlers.” So today, I am going to take a minute to share the story behind each tattoo. I won’t include pictures of most of my tattoos, only because I don’t really feel like they are a part of who I am anymore. And others, I just don’t really have pictures of anymore-not really sure why. Some pictures are professional, and some are just random pictures that I have taken over time.

But anyways!

I absolutely love tattoos. I hope to be able to cover a lot of my body (other than my neck and face). For the longest time, I wanted to be a tattooed model. I got my first tattoo when I was 17. Yes, 17. And now that I am older, I realize how much my style has changed, and I now I know why you shouldn’t get tattoos that young. Because a couple of mine are just…awful. I look at them and think “Who the heck is this person?”

So I am going to go in order, from my first tattoo, to my last. My first tattoo(s) that I got were done by a professional tattoo artist, but it was done in his home since I was not 18. Smart of me right? I was very girly back then and pretty much the complete opposite of who I am today. I decided that I wanted to get a “Zebra striped peace sign” on my hip. And I loved the color pink. So I got it colored in pink. (Gross. This makes me cringe.)

What the actual heck, Cait. What were you thinking? I look at this tattoo and can’t get over how gross it is to me now. This one will eventually be a part of a cover up. That same day, I mentioned to the tattoo artist that I wanted a tattoo on my foot. He decided to let me get one on my foot for the same price that he had originally quoted me. I didn’t even know what I wanted, so I just started going through his books and picked out a random flower tattoo. It literally doesn’t mean anything to me- it was literally chosen on a whim.

It was warm out when I got these tattoos with out my parents knowing, so I had to uncomfortably keep them covered. This meant that I kept socks on at all times. So needless to say, my foot tattoo didn’t get taken care of very well. Most of the color pulled out of it. You can’t tell now, but the petals were colored in pink, and they did have yellow in them too.

The next tattoo I got was on my neck. I was freshly 18 years old at this time and still in high school. I always thought swallow tattoos were pretty, so my ex and I (yes we both got one on our necks) both decided to get one. My parents knew about this one, and I was obviously of legal age to get a tattoo, but this tattoo required me to keep my hair up and away from my tattoo. And me being the idiot I was, I did not do that, especially when I was in class, so the color also pulled out of this one.

As the next year went by, I was still dating the same guy, and he convinced me to get his name tattooed on me. Again, me being the idiot that I was back then, I was like “Yeah, sure.” SO STUPID. I did choose to get it in a place where you wouldn’t be able to see it every day. I got it on the side of my hip where only he would see it. This was also done by the tattoo artist that did my first two tattoos… his house.

Tattoo number 4..I had a friend that could draw pretty well, and he knew another guy that did tattoos in his home. He wanted to test out tattooing, and I let him do some black star outlines in the same spot as my peace sign, but on the other hip. They actually turned out well when they were initially done, but over time they have faded pretty badly. These will also be part of a cover up.

Around this same time, I was having a lot of issues with my sister that passed away when I was young. I was always told that as I got older, it would begin to take a toll on me. I was struggling pretty bad with it, so I decided to get her name on my back, with angel wings and a halo.

I left my ex and started to love myself again. I decided that I wanted to get something that showed I cared about myself, and needed to cherish the time that I had left on this earth. I decided to go with a quote on my ribs, since I didn’t have any quotes yet. It reads “Live the life you love, Love the life you live.” Which is inspired by a Bob Marley song, though the words are not exact.

I decided it was then time to cover up my ex’s name. I covered his name with a lotus flower. It had been touched up once already, and still needs touched up again.

After I left my ex, I also had a lot more money to spend, and decided to go all in and get a half sleeve. I fell in love with Koi fish and decided to get a some what of a Japanese style tattoo. This is still my favorite to this day.

I became very close with my mom at this point in my life and talked her into getting a matching tattoo with me. We chose the Cherry Blossom tree as a symbol of family. And again, it allowed me to stick with the some what Japanese style. We both got it on our ribs. Mine looks a little different than hers, since mine had to wrap around my quote. So I don’t have as many branches as she does.

This picture is recent, and after I have had two kids, so the quote’s linework isn’t as thin and clean as it used to be unfortunately. It looked great before kids, I promise! Lol.

I then decided to go all in again and get another half sleeve. As I got older and weirder, and transitioned into the odd person that I am today, I developed a love for weird and creepy things. I have this weird obsession with zombies, and decided that I wanted to get a zombie. Sticking to my theme, I had my tattoo artist make her a Geisha girl.

After that, life happened, I bought a house, got pregnant, all of that fun stuff. So there were several years that I went with out getting a tattoo. Then when I had my oldest son, I decided to get a tattoo for him. I had a lot of complications with my labor when I had him. We had a scare where I was unsure if I would even live to see his sweet face. That was the scariest thing that I have ever experienced in my entire life. Long story short, I had a bad reaction to my epidural, and I stopped breathing. Laying in that bed fighting to breathe was terrifying. I decided to get another lotus flower. They have several meanings, but I mainly chose it since it symbolizes rising out of suffering, and I love it’s meaning behind life and death. I didn’t get it colored in until after I had my youngest son. I then got the petals colored in a deep red, since my youngest son’s birth stone is Garnet, and the gem is colored in a lighter blue, since my oldest son’s birthstone is Aquamarine. (Mine is also).

Some time went by again before I got my next tattoo, which I got on the back of my forearm for my father who passed away unexpectedly last June. Short story behind it, I always remember my dad making me take shots of Jagermeister with him, so I wanted something close to the Jager logo, but I didn’t just want a random deer thrown on my arm. So I chose the geometric style. (Even though it doesn’t match anything else). I plan to have a full sleeve on this arm (the one that has a Koi fish), so I will try to incorporate maybe some Cherry Blossoms around it- eventually.

Overlook my freckles 🙂

Shortly after I got my Jager tattoo, I decided to get “Nice Driveway.” Another short story, every time my dad took a shot, he always said “Nice Driveway.” My entire life I recall him saying that. I didn’t learn the real meaning of his toast until after he passed. It is literally a story about him drinking with a friend when he was younger. The friend’s dad just had his driveway paved. And he walked up to my dad and said “It looks good, doesn’t it?” And my dad said “Yeah, it’s a nice driveway.” So funny, but I love it so much. I wasn’t quite sure where I wanted to put this tattoo, but my tattoo artist suggested putting it on my wrist, on the hand that I toast with. I am left handed, and toast with my left hand. So there it is, every time I toast, my dad is there with me. I cried after I got this one done. A couple other family members got it also.

And there you have it. Those are all of the tattoos that I currently have….I think. They are super random, but I plan to TRY to pull them all together one day. It will just time and money, of course.

Moral of the story, don’t get a tattoo when you are 17, and don’t EVER get your significant other’s name on you. Take it from me!

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