I Got Crafty With Halloween Costumes This Year

I have always been a fan of Halloween. I always went trick or treating, and then when I got older, my family started having Halloween parties. My family has had an annual Halloween party for several, several years now. So obviously I have been required to dress up every single year (which I am okay with that.)

Anyways, I have always tried to make my own Halloween costumes-if at all possible. I can sew, but not good-AT ALL. So if it is easy, I will tackle the task, if not, I just buy one. But you know, costumes are not cheap! And now that I have kids, it costs even more!

This is the first year that my oldest son has wanted to be something specific. He is three and now has his own taste in things. My youngest is a year and a half, but I didn’t want to make him wear another hand me down from his brother again, but I couldn’t really decide what I wanted to him to this year.

My oldest has an obsession with MineCraft. He played it at my friend’s house with her daughter one time, and fell in love with it. My husband and I decided to download it on our Xbox for him. He picked up on it VERY quickly. For a kid that had never really even held an Xbox controller before, to being able to use it with out any problems, and be able to navigate around on the game, we are pretty impressed!

With his MineCraft obsession, he chose what he wanted to be for Halloween several months ago. He decided that he wants to be an “Enderman.” For those of you who are not familiar with MineCraft, and Enderman is a tall, lanky black creature with glowing pinkish-purple eyes with a block head, because well, everything in MineCraft is a block.

Of course my son chose a costume that I have not been able to find anywhere. Which is okay, because I decided to make it. He does have a huge head for his age (sorry Tristan), but I still wasn’t able to find a box that fit his head right. Weeks went by and I was still unable to find one that fit. So, I broke down and decided to make my own box. I cut up an existing box and used duct tape to put it back together. I was able to make the box the perfect size for him, but I didn’t really feel like it was going to stay in place, especially since he is a little hyper.

I decided to use the left over cardboard to make a cap to place inside of the Enderman head. I measured it to his head, and then I took some of my husbands left over foam (he owns an upholstery business) and cut small strips out of it and hot glued them into the cap. That way, 1-the cap won’t bother my son’s head, and 2-so that it held it in place a little better. I then taped the cap inside of the box.

Once I had my son try it on, and I figured out where his eyes were, I cut a rectangle out so that he can see. I then cut the Enderman eyes out right below. Since their eyes glow, I decided to take a plain white sheet of printer paper and paint the eyes on it, and then tape it to the inside of the box. I found a short string of battery powered purple lights at our local Dollar Tree, and taped those in behind the paper. The lights were so bright that they lit my son’s face up, and you could see it through his eye hole, so I then covered the lights with another piece of cardboard.

I spend almost no money on some black lace from Wal-Mart that I cut to size, and hot glued it inside of the box to try and mask the eye holes for my son.

Since Enderman are black, I spray painted the entire box black. I was very unhappy with the way that it looked. You could see that I had taped the entire box together, and you could see every wave in the cardboard. I make vinyl decals, so I took a roll of my flat black vinyl, and wrapped the entire box. There are still some imperfections, but I am much happier with it now. I plan on having my son wear a black long sleeve shirt and black pants with his Enderman head.

While trying to figure out what my youngest son was going to wear, I randomly blurted out “He should just be Bamm Bamm from the Flinstones because he is so aggressive.” (He really is though, ugh.) And I thought to myself “Oh my god, that is actually perfect!”

Now, I want to point out that I had to sew everything by hand, since my husband’s big sewing machine won’t sew stuff this little, and our little sewing machine isn’t working.

I found a small, cheap roll of orange cotton fabric at Wal-Mart, so I did a rough cut in the shape that I needed- I cut it a little bigger of a size than I needed (just so I had room for mistakes) to make the outfit. I then stitched up the waist band and used my husband’s stash of elastic to fish through it, and then stitched up the seem on the outfit.

I ended up trimming some of the bottom off since I made it a little bigger, and then cut triangles out of it to create the rough edge effect that Bamm Bamm’s outfit has. I took some black felt that I already had laying around and cut random triangles out and hot glued them to the outfit in random places. My husband also had some white felt, so I used a permanent marker to free hand a bone shape, and then cut out two pieces. I also took some of my husband’s pollyfill (stuffing) and stuffed the bone after I stitched it up.

I realized that I needed brown felt to make Bamm Bamm’s sash and I did not have any. I was so close to being done and I really didn’t want to stop there. Luckily, I ended up finding an old brown sweater (that I thought I already got rid of), so I cut a sleeve off and sewed it to the outfit. I then sewed the bone in the front where the sash met the outfit.

And boom! I was done with another outfit. I ordered a kids size club from Amazon and then I will have him wear either a white shirt, or a tan colored shirt underneath. If needed, I will have him wear a sweater. We live in Tennessee, so you never know what the weather is going to be like. Last year it was FREEZING and the year before that we were sweating!

Now on to my costume….

After going back and forth, I finally decided on being Elvira. I feel like I can pull the look of fairly easily. My hair is quite long, so I decided that I will just pin half of it up and tease it a little bit. And I already have bangs, so that helps too. Better than buying a wig! (They never look right anyway.) I found a plastic knife for a couple of dollars at Wal-Mart that I can stick in a belt that I already own. The only thing that I was missing was her dress. I thought that I already had a black dress in my box of costumes, but I must have gotten rid of it at some point. My mom has an even bigger stash than I do, so I headed to her house to dig for a dress.

I ended up finding a black hooded cape with long sleeves. It would have been perfect if it didn’t have the hood, and if it was actually a dress and not a cape……but my mom said that I could do what I needed to with it, so I decided to make it into a dress. Now let me touch base again on the fact that I am not good at sewing-and I had to sew everything by hand.

I dove right in and cut the hood off. After that, I stitched up a seam on around the collar and down the front to try and create Elvira’s very open chested dress (mine is not so showy). Then I tacked the dress randomly down the side, leaving the slit like she has. Adding the belt, the knife, and some black tights, it worked out perfectly!

The only thing that I have left is to figure out how to do her makeup, and I will be good to go! I I think that it will be fairly easy since I often do heavy eye makeup anyway.

I have included pictures of the finished costumes, but if you guys like what I have done and have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me in the comments!

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