Potato Soup

I love crock pot recipes, especially on those really cold days. They definitely help on days that you have a lot going on, or when you work late too.

My favorite things to make is potato soup. I love, love, love potato soup. The recipe that I have always used is super simple, and it is easy on the wallet also.

All you need is:

One bag of Orida diced hashbrowns

(I have also used off brand, just make sure that they are cubed style, not shredded)

1 can of cream of chicken

1 8 oz package of cream cheese

1 32 oz carton of chicken stock/broth

Bacon bits (as desired)

Shredded cheddar cheese (as desired)

(I usually just use the three cheese blend bags of cheese that is already shredded)

Throw everything in and let it sit!

Super easy! I love how it is so versatile also. You can make sandwiches or anything else you want to eat with it.

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