Hello, October

My favorite month is finally here, and I could not be more excited!

For the first day of my favorite month, I decided to share a little project that the boys and I did together. These adorable little planters were given to us by my brother and sister in law.

They came with the dirt and seed packets. All we had to do was add water to the dirt, sprinkle the seeds in, and watch it grow. The instructions said that it would only take a couple of days to start growing. I was like yeah, okay, maybe in like a week…I didn’t really believe it until they started growing like crazy. And it only took two days! By the second day, you could already see the grass poking through the dirt. By the third day, two out of three already looked like they had hair growing.

I took pictures each morning when I woke up to document the change. After a week we finally decided that we should cut their hair. My husband decided that the one needed a mohwak, and my oldest son and I decided to just chop the other two down a little to even it back out. I unfortunately do not have a link for these adorable little planters, but if you live in the south, you can find them at your local United Grocery Outlet.

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