Simple Solutions For Transitioning From Summer To Fall Outfits

Fall has finally arrived. Though for some of us, like those who live in the south, still have some time before putting away the t-shirts and shorts, you can still start planning on your fall outfits. This is the time of the year where you have to prepare for a chilly morning, and a not so chilly afternoon.

There are a few things that you can do to prepare for the transition so that you can stay comfortable, but still be able to rock those fall trends.

Wear a fall fashioned sweater over something that you would be comfortable in if you needed to take the sweater off. I like wearing plain t-shirts.

Like dresses? A fall style dress is perfect for this time of year. It will keep you cool, but you can also add a sweater to it, if needed.

And who doesn’t love leggings. I am pretty sure most women would wear them every day if they could. Leggings will also keep you a little cooler. Wear a short sleeve or long sleeve t-shirt, and again, if needed, you can always add a sweater.

If you aren’t the type to wear sweaters or dresses, you can always wear plaid with any outfit. You stay comfortable by wearing what you want, and you still added a fall touch to your wardrobe.

These simple solutions will hold you over until the true fall weather has arrived and you can finally put on those big baggy sweaters and scarves!

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