Travel Organization

Traveling can be complicated. Packing for yourself is hard enough, but, traveling as a family with kids is definitely more complicated. More to pack, which means more bags. Figuring out the tricks for traveling is a challenge, especially if you don’t travel much and don’t really have a routine down.

Though it seems like a lot, I like to pack one bag for my husband and I, and one bag for each kid. If it is a short trip, I can usually get away with packing one bag for both of my boys. But you know kids are messy, and I try to pack more clothes for them, just in case.

My family and I don’t travel much, and never fly anywhere, so we don’t have luggage bags. After trying a couple of different things out, I have learned that large tote bags and duffel bags work the best for me. The only thing with tote bags is that they are open, and things often fall out. These duffel bags are perfect for traveling. And if you do actually have luggage bags, but have a little more to pack, these bags actually slide over the handle of luggage bags. They literally sit right on top of them so you don’t have to carry it. How awesome is that? They are a good size, waterproof, and even have shoe compartments. Super nifty.

And of course, women have a lot of make up, hair products, curling irons, etc. If you are like me, you often bring a blow dryer, curling iron, and a straightener. This mesh bag allows you to pack all of these. It has a strap so that you can throw it over your shoulder, which definitely makes carrying easier. It is also collapsible, so if needed, you can squeeze it in your larger bag. And make up bags are definitely a life saver. This cosmetic bag allows you to pack all of your make up, no matter what size or shape, because it has adjustable compartments. You can carry this bag by it’s handle, but it is also small enough that you can still pack it into your larger bag if you want to.

Next is a bag for your bathroom items. You obviously have to bring your toothbrush, deodorant, and all of your shower items. If you want to keep it simple, it is easy to buy small bathroom travel kit for each person in the family that already has everything you need in it. But then you have several more bags to pack. Something like this bag will provide enough space and compartments to pack everyone’s things in one bag.

Now that you have all of your necessary items packed, you want to make sure that you will be able to keep your kiddos occupied on that long car ride. I like to put a tote in the back seat between my boy’s car seats and fill it with toys, stickers, coloring books, and snacks. I have tried using the organizers that hook to the back of the front seats, but this makes it hard for the kids to get what they need, and it is almost impossible to reach back there myself. Putting a tote between them allows them to grab what they want, or if needed, I am able to turn around and grab it for them. This one allows your to pack whatever you need, and also has cup holders just in case your child’s car seat doesn’t already have them, or if you want to pack extra drinks. This bag is also collapsible.

Packing snack cups for the kiddos also helps. If you packed snacks like crackers, candy, chips, etc, you are going to need something to put them in so that your kids aren’t eating out of the box or bag. These stackable snack cups will allow you to save space, and you can go ahead and fill them before hand if you want to.

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