Check On Us Boy Moms

I am a mom of two boys.

One is three and the other is a year and a half. Both of my boys have A LOT of energy. While my one year old is the wild and careless one, my three year old never ceases to amaze me either.

On top of the endless energy, I feel like they purposely find things to do that will result in an injury.

Between chasing each other through the house until one grabs the other’s shirt and drags them to the ground, throwing things at each other, punching each other, I mean, the list goes on and on. I could literally sit here and type out a list of things that my boys do for the rest of the day.

Seriously, is it just me, or do boys go out of their way to stress us out?

I do not know what it is like to raise a girl obviously. I am sure that there are some girls that are just like my boys. A lot of energy, daring, and not afraid to get hurt. But, I have a feeling that it is a little different than raising two boys.

I couldn’t imagine having more than two. Moms with three or more boys, how do you do it?!

As a parent, you often wonder what your first trip to the emergency room will be like. What is going to happen? Which kid is it going to be?

I always thought that our first emergency room visit would be because of my one year old. He is a lot more daring and often pushes his limits. I figured he would randomly decide to jump off of his bunk bed, or fall off of his swing set. You know, something that is bound to happen.

He has done several things that have made my heart sink into my stomach already. He does things that my three year old would never even THINK of doing.

Well, we took our first trip to the emergency room this week.

And surprise, it wasn’t because of my one year old. Nope. It was my three year old.

This trip to the emergency room was not for any reason that I would have ever imagined.

When you think about all of the crazy things that your boys do, you just assume that they will break an arm, twist an ankle, maybe need some stitches. Anything that would result from being a crazy kid.

Well, my three year old did not do any of those things. Not even close. He decided that he was going to eat a penny.

Yes. You read that right. He ate a penny.

Now this emergency room trip could have been because of a reason that is a lot worse. I know.

But a penny. REALLY?! Why son, why? My one year old doesn’t even put things in his mouth!

But I can’t really complain. Luckily this trip wasn’t a HUGE deal. Kids swallow things all of the time.

When he swallowed it, I called his pediatrician to ask if there was anything that I needed to do. She did advise us that there are many places in his throat where an object, like a penny, can easily get lodged. In worse cases, objects can even end up in the lungs. So she said just to be safe, we should take him for x-rays.

After sitting in the waiting room with several sick people during a pandemic, (lots of fun, let me tell you) we got called back for his x-rays.

Luckily, the penny made it’s way to his belly and he was going to be able to pass it without any issues.

One copy of his x-ray for the scrap book later, we left the emergency room.

Unfortunately, now that we got a simple ER trip out of the way, I know that we have several more serious trips coming.

I can only imagine what it will be like once they start playing sports, riding bikes, etc. I am starting to prepare myself now, because this is only the beginning.

*Takes deep breath*

Check on us boys moms, because we are not okay!

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