Tony Ray Tattoos

I recently discovered a page on Instagram called “Tony Ray Tattoos.”

I checked out their profile and found the link to their website. Upon my search, I found out that they sell premium temporary tattoos for kids 3 and up!

I was like oh man, this is awesome! Not only do I love tattoos, but my 3 year old is obsessed with temporary tattoos.

I looked at all of their designs and immediately fell in love with them. Seriously, these designs are sweet. All of their tattoos are designed by real tattoo artists, so they look legit. They even offer different styles of tattoos to choose from. Whether you like traditional style tattoos, or even just bright and colorful tattoos, they have it! And, not only do they have single tattoos, but they also have sleeves! How cool is that?!

I was lucky enough to have them reach out to me on Instagram and allow me to share all of this on my blog!

I let my 3 year old pick out his favorite tattoo, which of course he picked out a full sleeve, called “Above It All” and we ordered it that same day.

In my confirmation email, it included a link to download a free Tony Ray Coloring Book provided to keep kids occupied during quarantine! The coloring book includes the same designs as the tattoos that they sell on their website, so your little one can recreate their favorite tattoos!

I was also really happy to receive an additional email welcoming us to their family! I feel like their company really cares about their products and their customers!

When we got my son’s tattoo in the mail, I was super impressed! I could tell that the quality of their tattoos were great just from the website, but wow! When I opened it up, the color was amazing!

The full sleeve came as two separate pieces, which made it a lot easier to apply it (especially on a 3 year old!) Each piece was labeled on the back, letting you know which was the upper piece, and which was the lower. Both pieces have stripes on the bottom of the design, that way if your child’s arm is a little longer, you can include the stripes as part of the tattoo. And if your child’s arms are a little shorter, it allows you to trim off as much as you need from the bottom so that it doesn’t affect the design itself.

We trimmed a little off of the upper sleeve and applied them to my son’s arm. They were both super easy to apply, and the color stayed vibrant. Again, I was super impressed.

I am serious though, they look SO GOOD!

My son was super excited. He LOST HIS MIND!

At first he didn’t want to lay his arm down at his side, almost like he was afraid that he was going to ruin his tattoo. But, he has slept on it, ran around like a crazy kid with it, played a little bit of golf, got it wet, etc. and we are just now starting to see some wear on the tattoo a couple of days later.

That is pretty good to be able to survive a high energy toddler!

I really feel that the quality of their tattoos are SO worth the price (which is not bad AT ALL!)

I really do love this company. Aside from the fact that they just have awesome products, they truly have a passion for taking care of their customers- and that means a lot to me.

For those of you with little ones that like tattoos, I would definitely go check out Tony Ray Tattoos.

Click it! It is worth it, I promise!

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