ABCmouse has been around for about ten years now. Over that course of time, I have heard so many great things about it. Now that I am a mom, I get to take all of those great things into consideration.

My children’s education is super important, so a product like ABCmouse means a lot to me.

My three year old told me every day for several weeks straight that he wanted to play it. Every time a commercial came on for it, he always got super excited. We finally decided to get it for him two weeks ago.

Since I have been staying home, I have had time to sit down with him and let him play it every day. After watching him play, I feel like it has a lot to offer for a decent price. And, if you feel that their regular price is a little too much for you, they often have special offers and discounts.

I was eager to get my son started, but I am not going to lie. I was a little worried. My son has always been the type that doesn’t want to sit still when you are trying to teach him something. His attention span is short, and you lose him pretty quickly.

He tends to turn his attention to the TV or tablet unfortunately, so I was hoping that ABCmouse would interest him. I downloaded the ABCmouse app to our tablet and my phone. He has now played it on both devices. It has kept his attention and he has done great! I am happy to know that he learns while he gets to play a game.

There are several different things that your child can choose to do. Once they log in, they can enter their classroom. From there, they can choose to follow along with the course, read books, or pick from an assortment of games to play-educational games of course. These games include specific subjects like math, reading, and art. They can even work on puzzles, listen to songs, and learn about different animals. And, a cool thing that they currently have on their site is a Summer Camp, which provides kids with even more activities.

After he completes an activity, it gives him tickets. These tickets allow him to buy different things. For example, there is a fish tank in the classroom that he gets to take care of. Earning tickets allows him to buy different decorations to add to his fish tank, which I think is awesome.

He loves it when he has enough tickets to buy things. But, the tickets themselves are enough to make him happy. I always know when he finishes an activity because he yells “Yay, tickets! I did it!”

So far I have already noticed that he has gotten better at counting. I also decided to quiz him a little bit on his letters. He has been able to sing his ABC’s for quite some time now, but he has had a hard time associating the word with the correct letter.

He has blocks with different letters on them, so I held each one up and asked him what each letter was. Now, of course, he got several wrong. BUT he got more correct than he ever has before!

I am super pumped for him!

As the days go on, he seems to need my help less and less. I feel like it is very user friendly and it is easy for him to navigate.

It also allows you to add other children to it. Although it is good for children ages 2-8, I added my 1 year old. He obviously needs a lot more help figuring things out, but he has a lot of fun being able to tap on different activities. He also loves listening to all of the different songs.

I have had a lot of fun watching my boys play and I can’t wait to see where this learning adventure takes them.

If you are a mom considering ABCmouse, I would definitely recommend it! I have been extremely happy with it and I know my boys are too!

*This is not a paid partnership with ABCmouse.

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