Dare To Be Different

I am your average mom- just tattooed. And sure, I tend to choose dark colored clothing over bright colors. I am literally the perfect person to stereotype.

And yes, I know that there are a number of people that do not like tattoos and would definitely not be happy about a mother to two young children having tattoos.

“What are your children going to think?”

“What kind of role model are you?”

I used to get questioned a lot about what my oldest son thought about my tattoos. But guess what? He thinks that tattoos are super cool!

I have had the majority of my tattoos my son’s entire life and he doesn’t think anything of them-because he doesn’t know any different. He was told that tattoos are okay (when you are 18 and older of course).

He knows that his mommy loves tattoos and he even gets excited when I get more.

And I absolutely LOVE his support.

Every time he sees temporary tattoos in a store, he just HAS to have them. I have several tattoos on my arms, so naturally he asks me to put tattoos on his arms too. He has a lot of fun with them and shows them off as much as he can. And I am completely okay with it!

If he wants temporary tattoos on his arms so that he can look like his mommy, I am all for it.

While there is still a vast majority of people that do not agree with tattoos, they are slowly becoming the norm. Three out of ten adults now have at least one tattoo.

Yes. You are right. I don’t look like many other moms. But I am just like any other parent in the world. And of course, I do believe that we should be a role model for our children. Why wouldn’t I?

Our children are the future.

I think that is is important for parents to show their children that it is good to build each other up, even when some people look a little different than others.

Our society can be so quick to judge. It seems like it is only natural for some.

Be kind.  Be supportive.

I want moms to feel comfortable in their own skin and also feel comfortable with the choices that they make. You have tattoos? Awesome! You want crazy colored hair? You go mama!

Teach your kids that it is 100% okay to be different.

The way that I see it, if you love your kids, your kids are going to love you back unconditionally-even if you have tattoos and wear all black.

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